Thunder Horse By Kruzin Footwear

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Thunder Horse Black 1



Thunder Horse By Kruzin Footwear

Step out a fashion junkie, when you step into these urban iconic grunge shoes. You will feel as if you have just stepped into the future. Modern meets futuristic and the result will leave you gaping in awe at the stylish design, with a luxury appeal and extreme comfort.

Statement monochrome immolates the edge needed to carry off the signature rubber spikes and toe piece. Splash out on the double mesh sandwich uppers for urban luxury, this will be your accomplice in the concrete jungle and beyond. The trendy lace up as well as side zipper features are all the rage right now and believe us when we say that your “Thunder Horse” statement will be valiant and lucid.


Thunder Horse 2


The king of the urban jungle - hear the roar!

Ultralight EVA outsoles, paired with the comfortable, breathable insoles keep your feet cool, dry and odor free even through the toughest days or nights. Take what the world throws at you and stand tall and strong with luxury at your feet. “Thunder Horse” by Alessandra Gold for Kruzin Footwear, heavenly to wear for even the most daring and devilish deeds. Thunder Horse! Perfect for roaming the concrete facade of the city during the day or dancing in the shadows at night.


Thunder Horse 3


Define your style! Stand tall, be bold, be daring, be Kruzin!

Let the world stand up and take notice, let the world hear you ROAR! You are the King of the urban jungle. Mad max meets city slicker, modern meets futuristic, urban jungle meets iconic grunge, punk meets rock… However you look at it, “Thunder Horse”… for those courageous enough to be…whatever their imagination allows them to. That's true urban luxury!


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