How To Find Your True Style

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Learn how to enhance your personal style and live the urban Luxury life! 

The way you dress should tell a story. It should express to others the type of person you are. It should be used as a means to enhance your inner beauty. So often we blindly follow trends and wear what is considered to be 'in fashion'. We see our favorite celebrities dressed in certain styles, we see models in magazines showing off their perfectly toned bodies in the latest fashion, and we are brainwashed into believing that we must dress this way too if we want to be beautiful, right? Wrong! This is a guide to dressing in a way that is true to you. You are a unique individual and your personal style must reflect this if you want to feel good about yourself. Below, we will identify the various steps to take if you want to find and express yourself truthfully with each daily outfit.

 Know your body type

Being true to yourself means knowing your own body type. Once you know your body type, it will be easier to work out which styles will complement your shape and which won't. When you wear items that complement your body, you feel good. This can also save you hours of time shopping as you won't have to waste any of it trying on clothes that look gorgeous on the mannequins, but only do damage to your self-esteem! The determination to classifying your body type is essentially the proportion of your waist and hips. Once you know this, it is simply a question of whether your body is angular or curvy. If you are oval shaped it means that your hips are wider than your shoulders, your waist is wider than your bust, and that you are curvy. Rectangular body types have hips that are in line with their shoulders, waists that are the same size as their bust and hips, and are classified as having angular bodies. Hourglass figures have hips that are in line with their shoulders, but their waists smaller than both. Hourglasses are angular. Similar to the hourglass is the figure of 8 body. Their shoulders and hips are in line and their waist is significantly smaller, but they are curvy. We then get the triangle types, the regular triangle, and the inverted triangle. With the former, we find hips that are wider than shoulders, a waist that is smaller than both, and a body that that is considered curvy. The latter consists of shoulders that are wider than hips, a waist that is smaller than the bust, and could be curvy or angular in shape.

 Find out what flatters you

Once you've made your self-assessment and know what type of body you possess, you can figure out quickly what types of styles are most flattering for you, and from there you can begin to develop your own unique sense of style and a personawhat flatters youl look in your day to day outfits. Now, of course, there are always going to be exceptions to every rule, but as a guideline, here are a few examples of how you can make better, more informed choices when assembling an outfit. If you are rectangular shaped, for example, you may want to add some curves to your body. You can achieve this easily by avoiding long, skin tight dresses, and opting instead for a baby doll dress that puffs out at the waist. Perhaps you're blessed in the curves department and don't need to accentuate them further? A pencil skirt should do the trick as this classic silhouette creates emphasis on the waist and skims over the hips.

It is also essential to know what colors flatter you and work best with your coloring. Do not pay attention to the latest color trends. Pastel colors may be the current rage, but if pastels don't look good on you, wearing them will not make you feel good. Black is classic and timeless, sure, but many women say they feel depressed when they wear black. Stay true to yourself. If a particular color makes you feel good, then wear it!

What matters to you?

Once you know what flatters you, it's time to assess what matters to you. We're not talking about material possessions. What is it that truly brings you joy? What makes you tick? Make a list of everything you can think of that you enjoy doing on a day to day basis and then adjust your wardrobe accordingly. What is it that you truly need to develop your personal style? We're all looking for ways to cut down on costs and to be spending savvy. If you can work out what kinds of clothing you wear most you can avoid blowing unnecessary amounts of cash on items you will hardly wear. If you have a love for the outdoors, then it wouldn't be wise to spend vast amounts on formal wear, expensive fabrics, or clothing that shows dirt easily. If you're highly artistic you may enjoy wearing bright colors that clash or striking patterns that other people may not be able to pull off. It all comes down to the kind of person you are on the inside. Listen to that inner voice and you will know how to express it on the outside. Start creating a unique style that is exclusive to you.

 Take advice, take risks!

Now we're not saying you should throw out all your fashion magazines and oppose everything you see in the media. By all means, use these fashion outlets as your inspiration, but do not become a slave to trends. Remember, trends have expiration dates, but style is timeless. Think of all the money you will save if you invest in items of clothing that reflect your values and flatter your body. Save time by shopping online. Take advice, but also don't be afraid to take some risks. If you dress in a way that is true to yourself every day, whether it's in alignment with what is 'in fashion' or not, you are going to look and feel fabulous and your inner beauty will shine through.

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