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Sneaker trends: How you can master the urban luxury look

 The urban luxury look is one of this season’s hottest fashion sneaker trends; athleisure attire can be seen everywhere from runways to glossy magazine covers and, best of all, it’s super easy to combine it with your existing wardrobe for a current look. 

Sneaker trends: How you can master the urban luxury lookThe KRUZIN fashion panel has been keeping an eye on the latest manifestations of this exciting trend and is happy to present our decisive guide on how to master the urban luxury look. So without further ado, here are our guidelines for working the athleisure trend like a pro for UAE summer 2016:

Always create a sexy silhouette

Just because you’re dressed in comfortable threads, doesn’t mean you have to look slouchy. In fact, a key aspect of the urban luxury look is creating a sexy silhouette with effortless accessories. For instance, turn up the heat on a slouchy sleeveless vest by pairing it with a plaid shirt wrapped around your waist. Add a baseball cap and eye-catching sneakers in a metallic hue while you're at it, and you're well on your way to elevating the workout look to something more elegant. 

Compare & contrast

Another fun way to play around with the urban luxury trend is to focus on a juxtaposition of textures. For instance, you could pair a floaty summer frock with solid, statement sneakers with an interesting print, or upgrade your workout pants by adding a strappy bralette and an enticing low-cut shirt.

Choose the right accessories

Every fashion-forward trend spotter worth their salt will tell you that you can get away with very little effort if you have the right accessories. With the right eyewear (think sporty, yet sleek with a pop of colour if you’re feeling brave), backpack and baseball cap you’ll be ready to tackle the athleisure trend head on. Ladies, if you feel your outfit is leaning too much towards the masculine side, you can always up the girly component by throwing in a statement handbag in the mix. Just make sure that you keep the lines clean – tassels and rhinestones are best paired elsewhere.

Go with your gut & do the unexpected

In the end, a trend is just a trend and you can adapt it to suit your body type, style preferences and budget. Don’t rush out to buy wet-look leggings if you know you’re a pencil skirt girl – you can easily stick to the wardrobe basics you are most comfortable wearing and update the look by adding a few choice accessories. Similarly, if you’re a guy and you like your shirts crisp and tucked in, you can easily stay on trend by throwing a pair of sleek sneakers into the mix. The key is to have fun with it – play around and try things out; if it doesn’t work, simply move on.

Pro tip: For up-to-the-minute urban luxury trends straight from the horse's mouth, keep an eye on the Instagram accounts of athleisure icons like Kendall Jenner, Kiersey Clemons and Gigi Hadid.

Would you like to know more about fashionable sneaker trends and how you can incorporate it in your lifestyle? Keep an eye on the KRUZIN blog – we have a panel of fashion experts standing by to keep you in the know! Look out for upcoming articles on creating a signature look that expresses your personality, as well as a look at all the coolest urban destinations in the UAE.

Want to learn how to build a killer outfit to give you that Urban Luxury look? Download it here!

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