Alessandra Gold




 Who is Alessandra Gold?

Born in Brazil and based in Miami, Alessandra Gold is a notable fashion designer and stylist, as well as the Creative Director of KRUZIN Footwear and Alessandra Gold brands; and its ambassador throughout America. She learned the fashion ropes at New York City’s Fashion Institute/FIT NYC, and then went on to create GOKA, a singular brand of high-end women’s shoes, in the early 2000s to address a need in her retail boutique and styling consultation businesses.

 Alessandra Gold

The immediate success of her creative designs, along with impressive press and media coverage, soon lead to large shoe companies commissioning her services. Alessandra was actually busy creating lines of children’s sneakers and boots for brands like Osh Kosh, Khombu and Stride Rite, when she came across KRUZIN Footwear in 2009 and has never looked back. Her work has since graced the pages of Vogue, Sports Illustrated, the New York Post and Nylon, to name but a few notable publications.

“People inspire me; I strongly believe in encouraging new designers.”

Alessandra has never been a blind follower of trends, but instead finds her inspiration in the living, breathing world around her - the way that fashion evolves on the streets and the many manifestations thereof she encounters on her travels around the globe serves to fuel her creative fire. In the end, fashion is never created in a vacuum; true designers draw from their life experiences to create exciting pieces that allow a wide variety of individuals to express themselves through their mode of dress. It is this privilege that keeps designers like Alessandra inspired to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.


KRUZIN footwear is not for the faint of heart; its bold and extravagant designs are tailored for strapping, confident wearers who seek to live an inspired life - always proud, always in the moment. KRUZIN designs are the very epitome of urban luxury; an inimitable amalgamation of comfort, visual extravagance and unflinching craftsmanship that speaks of an innate understanding of modern-day consumer requirements that cannot never be taught, only ever felt.

Alessandra Gold Creatives

 Alessandra Gold Creatives is a fashion and style conglomerate, comprised of wardrobe artists, stylists, photographers, make-up artists and hairdressers that    specialise in fashion-, editorial- and advertising production, as well as personal styling for celebrities throughout Miami, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. It    is  not an agency, but instead works on a referral basis. The group also has a rental studio in Miami's Wynwood and Design District that is suitable for smaller  production  shoots and videos, as well as an in-house wardrobe rental service on the premises. The Alessandra Gold Creatives team currently provides wardrobe  and styling for  two up-and-coming TV personalities and a host of regular VIPs, as well as working with some of the best-known model agencies throughout  Miami,  with several high  profile editorials and advertising campaigns accredited to their name.

 A well-deserved round of applause

 Creativity is one of the most important traits an individual can bring to the table today. Our culture has evolved into a creative economy; we need aesthetic and c  conceptual creativity more than ever before. In 1970 there was a mere five running shoe brands available on the market; today there are 285 different brands  produced globally, so it stands to reason that we need strong designers who can differentiate themselves for the crowd and create an industry benchmark.  Secondly,    we need creativity to drive healthy competition - we are a globally integrated economy that generates more competition with each passing year, which  is  we need  somebody to carry the flag and up the ante.

 Alessandra Gold is one of the contemporary designers who are truly making a mark upon the world by living her dream and inspiring other artists as she makes  her  way through the world, and for that we salute her!

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